Billy Porter at the Oscars “Ken” Cake

This post is all about how to create a fabulous black velvet cake inspired by the gown worn by Billy Porter on the Oscars 2019 red carpet.

Category is: Red Carpet Extravaganza, and I’m serving up some black velvet realness with this 5-layer cake inspired by Billy Porter’s Oscars gown. It radiates and luxuriates with chocolate cream cheese frosting eleganza, and I’m LIVING FOR IT!

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How to Create Your Own Cake Smash Photoshoot

This post features tips on how I DIY’ed my own cake smash photoshoot. 

Your baby is about to become a one-year-old toddler. Commence crying, freaking out, or rejoicing that you’ve nailed down year one of parenthood. In that year, you’ve captured their first moments from their first day at home, their first steps, and even their first lemon slice.  Now it’s time to capture their first taste of birthday cake! (i.e. the cake smash)

You most likely caught those other moments on a whim with your smart phone (because, let’s be real, you take at least 100 pics a day of them with that thing.) To capture this particular moment, you can do a full on production, be your own creative director, even build a set in a make-shift home studio. And you can do it all for less than $20, saving you hundreds compared to what professionals can charge. Continue reading “How to Create Your Own Cake Smash Photoshoot”

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