About Me

Hey there, I’m Dawn!  I’m a full-time working mom of a toddler, and a freelance artist specializing in large scale paintings and photography.  I’m an advocate for “making it work with what you got.” I started this blog to share how I manage to create with the small funds and little free time I have!

I was 5 weeks pregnant when I finished this mural!

Whilst pregnant, there wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t scouring Pinterest for nursery ideas, maternity shoot inspiration, new born photography props, and there were many amazing pins I came across. But most of them were way out of my price range, so I brainstormed ways to keep my dream ideas low cost, and managed to accomplish everything.

DIYing happens on a near daily basis in our household as my toddler grows and wants to explore more imaginative activities. If they end up working and she’s entertained, I’ll be sure to share the how-tos with all of you.