Spring Origami Frame

A tutorial on how to transform a craft frame into a decorative door piece featuring origami.

In an effort to clean out my craft drawers and use everything I have before I dare buy more, I’ve been up-cycling craft frames that were originally used as table numbers at my wedding from 5 years ago. I’ve been trying to transform each of them into something completely different.

This week, I had a eureka moment with the inspiration of cherry blossoms blooming outside and the long bland walk to my apartment door in the dull hallway. This hallway needs more color! So I crafted a bright springy kawaii “welcome” sign for our door using Hello Kitty origami paper!

Here’s the Art 101. The word origami is derived from Japanese “ori” (“folding”) and “kami” (“paper”.) In recent history, the grandmaster of this art form was Akira Yoshizawa (Japan, 1911-2005.) By 1989, he had created over 50,000 different origami models, published 18 books featuring how-to’s, and developed the Yoshizawa–Randlett system; the symbols and diagrams that show how to create origami which is used in nearly every origami how-to book!

What You’ll Need:

  • A craft frame
  • spray paint (optional)
  • origami paper (I used 8 5×5 sheets)
  • yarn or thick string
  • glue

STEP 1: Prep the frame

Since I am up-cycling an old frame that has a design on it already, I am going to “clean slate” it by simply spray painting over it. After it’s dry, I hot glued a sturdy piece of yarn on the back to act as a hanging loop.

STEP 2: Fold the origami

This is my favorite step as I find origami to be very relaxing. The design I used for this frame is a tea plate origami. This may look complex as a beginner, but I found this to be one of the easiest patterns to work with and a gateway pattern to more origami. Grab your square sheet of paper and follow along in this video!

I hope the visual walk-through helped if you needed it!

STEP 3: Glue the Origami to the frame

Once you’ve created a bunch of cute origami pieces, arrange them how you see fit on the frame, and glue them down.

STEP 4: Add a picture to the frame and voila!

Originally, I intended for this to be a “Welcome” sign to hang on our apartment door. And I love that I can regularly change out the picture to accommodate whatever I feel like showcasing to the hallway passer-byers. For this tutorial, I was inspired by the cherry blossoms that were blooming in our complex. I happened to have a pressed baby’s breath, and broken geisha Hello Kitty magnet, so I pasted those onto some pastel paper and popped it into the frame.

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