DIY Googly Eye Frame

Turn a basic craft frame into a fun “look at what I made” display frame, full of googly eyes!

Has your kid been scribbling up some dope pop art pieces? Has your fridge become the latest art gallery, overtaken with a collection curated under alphabet magnets? Then you may need a fun new way to show off your kids latest “look what I made” masterpiece. Presenting, the googly eye frame!

Of course, this gorgeous frame doesn’t need to be solely for the latest tot drawing. It could make a great gift for a monster lover, add a touch of gaudy to your mantelpiece, or be a quick decor option for a halloween party. In my example here, I created the frame to house a Valentine’s card. 😛

Googly eye frame
I only have googly eyes for you booboo.

What You’ll Need:

  • A frame (I reused a basic wood craft frame)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush (to spread glue onto frame)
What You'll Need

Step 1: Organize

If you have a mixed bag of different sized googly eyes, separate the sizes. This will be helpful in eyeballing how you’ll place them on the frame. Yeah, you saw what I did there.

Googly Eyes
Do I have something on my face?

TIP: Consider putting this together when your kid is busy or sleeping. Otherwise, bye bye eyes.

Step 2: Glue!

Start off by painting a small portion of the frame with glue. Then stick the eyes on in whatever order you like. Gluing and sticking in small portions will help keep sticky messes at bay, and also avoid the glue from drying out.


Keep doing that all around the frame until it’s chock full of eyes! This can be surprisingly time consuming, so grab a beer and put on your favorite album to help you power through.

Let it dry at least an hour before plopping in a piece of art or photograph. Then display that frame prominently and tell your house guests “Look at it. LOOK AT IT!”

Can’t get enough googly eyes? Check out my recipe for Swamp Monster Cookies, featuring edible candy eyes!

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