DIY “Up” Balloon Frame

This post features an easy way to decorate a frame inspired by the animated movie “Up.”

Confession. I’ve been holding onto a set of 10 craft store frames I decorated for my wedding as table numbers. Each one held an image of one of our favorite albums, and I had used chalkboard paint and chalk to decorate each frame. (Note, chalkboard paint doesn’t work as designed on wood frames.) That was over 5 years ago, and I had every intention of reusing them to display new images.

So this is the year that happens! And I’m going to track that in posts throughout 2019 on how to transform bare craft store frames into something fun, cool, unique, and giftable. My resolution for the year is to use all my craft supplies before buying any more. After all “make it work with what you got!”

Since the birth of his first grandkid, my dad has revisited viewing animated movies. He is totally in love with the movie Up. Every time he comes to visit, he will quote it throughout the day. When we go to visit him, he tries to find Up on his TV so she has something to watch. It was a no brainer to create this Up inspired frame to gift to him. It’s inspired by the balloons that whisk away the house in the movie. And as another nod to the movie, my kid drew a picture of a squirrel to place in the frame.

What You’ll Need:

  • blank frame (I got mine for $1 at a craft store)
  • blue and white paint
  • paintbrush or craft sponge
  • thin cardboard
  • thread
  • thick paper
  • colored pencils or fine markers
  • small pom poms in a variety of colors
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
Happy little clouds

Step 1:

Paint the frame white, and when dry, paint blotches of blue about the frame. This will give the impression of a cloudy sky. I painted white first because I had a bulk tube of it, and only a small tube of light blue, so I was going the frugal route. You can absolutely paint the frame blue first then add white clouds.


Step 2:

While the paint dries, work on the balloons. Cut a circle out of the cardboard. Cut it to the size you’d prefer to see on the frame. (I used a cereal box to obtain my cardboard.) Then cut 3-4 equal length pieces of thread (about 5 inches long and then you can cut it shorter if needed later.) Glue the strings evenly across the center of the circle. These strings will give the impression of the strings hanging from balloons that will connect to the flying house.

Hot glue the pom poms all around the circle until it’s completely full. I started from the center out.

TIP: Make sure the strings are on the back of the circle. For some reason, I chose to glue the pom poms on top of the strings (as seen in the pic above) and they kept getting in the way.

Starting to come together

Step 3:

Glue the balloon (pom pom) piece to the corner of the frame. Bring all the strings together and glue them down to the frame about a couple inches from the balloons. Cut off any excess.

So cute.

Step 4:

Using thick paper, draw a colorful house, inspired by the home in Up. I used supplies I had on hand; my kids color pencils. Cut it out, and glue it on top of the collected string bunch. This will give the impression that they are connected to the house and making it fly in the sky.

Completed Up Frame

I used a fun image of Grandma for this display. I’ll have a special frame dedicated to her memory in an upcoming post. <3

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