DIY Decor: Sprinkle Themed Bathroom

How I transformed our small apartment bathroom into a bright candy sprinkle themed space to encourage potty training.

DIY Sprinkle Theme Bathroom Decor  #diy #sprinkle #decor

So long diapers, it’s potty time! Is your kid ready to be potty trained? When our tot started to show interest, I researched the 3-day method, hit up my FB mom group for insider tips, bought gallons of carpet cleaner, and prepped a candy reward system to distribute after pees & poos. Before all that went down, I revamped the bathroom to encourage her to come running to the potty all the live long day.

Redecorating an apartment can come with some obstacles. Sometimes the rental contract will list specific no-no’s like no painting the walls, or even limiting the number of holes you can put in a wall. With rules like that though, it makes for easy clean-up and getting back your full deposit when you eventually move out. So that’s a plus! 

With an easy tear down in mind, this is how I transformed the dull windowless boring bathroom with fixtures from the 80’s into a colorful candy sprinkle world.

Framed Sprinkle Art

DIY Sprinkle Theme Bathroom Decor  #diy #sprinkle #decor
Sprinkle art of my kid’s name. 😉

What’s a sprinkled themed room without some legit sprinkles? To make these tiny masterpieces, all you need is a frame, cardstock, glue or Mod Podge, paintbrush, and sprinkles. 

  • Cut your cardstock to fit the frame if needed.
  • Draw your design on the cardstock.
  • Liberally apply glue over top the design using the paintbrush.
  • Heavily pour the sprinkles onto the glue until it’s completely covered.
  • Lightly press the sprinkles down if needed.
  • Let dry completely, then shake off the excess.
  • Remove the glass or plastic cover from the frame before installing the artwork. 
DIY Sprinkle Theme Bathroom Decor  #diy #sprinkle #decor
Ice cream, donuts, sprinkles, it’s potty time!

I made these pieces a couple months ago and the sprinkles are still hanging on strong. Obviously they are completely out of reach of my toddler who would totally demolish them. We haven’t had an issue with ants yet either, but I can’t guarantee that will be the case come summertime.

Donut Decal Mural

A quick way to temporarily add fun to a space are removable (usually reusable) wall decals! Going with the sweets theme, I came across this set of 40 donut decals for less than $5! Total lucky score. I placed them all over the bathroom to fill in empty looking spots, and even made a special cluster near the toilet paper roll that she could easily look at when not reading Elmo Can Use the Potty.  She’s also discovered how easy they are to remove from the wall and has started rearranging them to her satisfaction.

Art for the Toilet Tank

DIY Sprinkle Theme Bathroom Decor  #diy #sprinkle #decor
Adorn the throne. 

The toilet was looking a little barren amongst the sea of donuts, so I spiced up the top of the toilet tank with some cute little pieces of framed art. Originally, I made some pieces with sprinkles, but my toddler immediately took to licking them. Ew. So I threw those out, and went with gaudy glitter and shimmering confetti.

To make this simple glitter art, all you need is a frame, the paper insert it comes with, glue or Mod Podge, a paintbrush, and glitter. 

  • Remove the paper insert from the frame.
  • Brush on a thick layer of glue or Mod Podge all over.
  • Completely douse that glue with the glitter.
  • Shake off the excess, and let dry completely.
  • Insert the finished dry piece back into the frame.
DIY Sprinkle Theme Bathroom Decor  #diy #sprinkle #decor
Getty gaudy with glitter!

I would highly recommend taping the edges of the frame back so that stray glitter doesn’t fall out onto everything. Cause you know… glitter.

Sprinkle Shower Curtain & Rug

DIY Sprinkle Theme Bathroom Decor  #diy #sprinkle #decor

I’m not even about to try to DIY a shower curtain and bathroom rug right now, so this matching set was put together by some hardcore online sleuth shopping. I found the perfect bright sprinkle pattern that helped add some vibrant pink light to the dull bathroom. 

Fun Bath Towels

Since I’m a sucker for the Lisa Frank color palette, I already had some dope vibrant towels on hand to add to the fun colorful space.

Toddler Vanity Sink

DIY Sprinkle Theme Bathroom Decor  #diy #sprinkle #decor

Access to the sink is crucial for my kid. She is obsessed with washing her hands, not to the point of OCD, but just as a fun thing to do. And since she needs to brush her teeth like a pro due to all the candy rewards, making the sink another inviting area was a must. 

First thing needed was a mirror where she could see herself. The already furnished apartment bathroom has a mirror cabinet about a foot above her head so she can’t see herself. I found a centerpiece decor mirror for cheap that fit perfectly between the hilariously unusable toothbrush fixtures that came with the place. Double sided tape is holding it up strong. Now my toddler is excited to brush her teeth as she can see what she’s doing.

To add more fun to the counter are some cute soap dishes, decorative donut soap from one of my favorite Etsy shops (Candlelit Desserts), and other youthful accessories, all to let my kid know that this bathroom space is hers to use anytime.

DIY Sprinkle Theme Bathroom Decor  #diy #sprinkle #decor
Cutie surrounded in cuteness

To treat myself and the hubbs to the success of ditching diapers, I made us cookies to celebrate that were inspired by the sprinkles bathroom decor. Check out my recipe for Vanilla Pudding Sprinkle Cookies!

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