DIY Decor: Marble Painted Pumpkins

A quick tutorial on how to marble paint a pumpkin!

DIY Marble Painted Pumpkins 
#diy #marble #painted #pumpkins
#decor #fun #halloween

Tis the season for trips to the pumpkin patch! On a recent visit, we scored some free mini pumpkins at the exit. Immediately, I thought of ways I could decorate them without using a knife to carve. Why? I have a fear that I will lose a finger in the process of making a Jack’o’latern. That and chopping carrots. Anyway, I had way too many ideas to morph these naturally cute gourds into something vibrant and gaudy.

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Swamp Monster Cookies

An easy recipe for cute monster cookies made with devil’s food pudding and peanut butter chips!

Devil's Food Peanut Butter Swamp Monster Cookies #cookie #pudding #monster #halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. When others bust out the xmas decor as soon as the weather drops, I’m all about pulling down the spooky artifacts from the top shelf to the main table… because they are out year ’round baby!

Now that I have a kid, I’m excited to get back into trick or treating and going all out with spooky food to eat all October leading up to the big day. I hope she’ll share the love of the holiday with me, and things are looking promising as she actively plays with the costume dress-up trunk I made her.

Devil's Food Peanut Butter Swamp Monster Cookies #cookie #pudding #monster #halloween
Candy eyeballs!

This past week when we were out grocery shopping, she was eagerly pointing at this box of decorative candy eyes in the baking aisle, so hell yeah I bought them. From that, I concocted these devil-y delicious swamp monster cookies!

To up the monster factor, I specifically used Devil’s Food chocolate pudding mix, green candy melts for swamp terrain, and peanut butter chips for swamp rocks.

Devil's Food Peanut Butter Swamp Monster Cookies #cookie #pudding #monster #halloween
Cookies creeping out from beyond!

No need to let the dough chill! Once all the ingredients are mixed, plop about 30 heaping tablespoons onto parchment or slipmat lined baking trays and bake for 8-10 min (ovens vary.)

Devil's Food Peanut Butter Swamp Monster Cookies #cookie #pudding #monster #halloween

While the cookies cool on a wire rack, melt the candy melts according to package instructions, and then fork or splatter it all over the cookies. Before the candy melts dry, add the eyes on top as the candy will act as an adhesive.

Devil's Food Peanut Butter Swamp Monster Cookies #cookie #pudding #monster #halloween
Googly eyebombed food, yum! 

I couldn’t wait for them to cool anymore. Rich chocolate, hint of vanilla, peanut butter surprise, and moist AF… the whole batch of 30 cookies were devoured in less than a few days. 

Devil's Food Peanut Butter Swamp Monster Cookies #cookie #pudding #monster #halloween
Stop looking at me, or I’ll eat you! 

I’m ready to make them again, RIGHT NOW!

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DIY Decor: Sprinkle Themed Bathroom

How I transformed our small apartment bathroom into a bright candy sprinkle themed space to encourage potty training.

DIY Sprinkle Theme Bathroom Decor  #diy #sprinkle #decor

So long diapers, it’s potty time! Is your kid ready to be potty trained? When our tot started to show interest, I researched the 3-day method, hit up my FB mom group for insider tips, bought gallons of carpet cleaner, and prepped a candy reward system to distribute after pees & poos. Before all that went down, I revamped the bathroom to encourage her to come running to the potty all the live long day.

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Easy Vanilla Pudding Sprinkle Cookies

An easy recipe for fun sprinkle cookies!

Easy Vanilla Pudding Sprinkle Cookies #diy #cookie #sprinkle #recipe

Inspiration can be a funny thing. Like when you catch a whiff of your neighbor’s dinner cooking and it reminds you of your childhood so you start writing. Or you see a crazy cloud formation in the sky that reminds you of a song and you start dancing to the music in your head. I’m going somewhere with this. What inspired me to make these sprinkle packed vanilla pudding cookies?

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