Fun Frame-able Ideas to Art Up a Kids Room

This post shares some quick and easy DIY art hacks to decorate any room.

Shortly after my daughter’s first birthday, we ended up moving to a small apartment, and with that came the loss of our beloved art nursery. That move inspired the metamorphosis of a nursery to a toddler room. But with the smaller space and the restriction of changing the paint color and limited holes in the wall, a new challenge of how to decorate was initiated. It’s still a work in progress, and definitely a “make it work with what you’ve got” situation.

I’m still utilizing all the artwork I had in the nursery, only now it’s styled as a minimalist gallery wall.  Among those pieces are some incredibly quick and easy projects that helped me save a lot of money in creating a fun art themed room.  You may already have some of these items available in your house right now.

1.  Framed Calendar Sheets

Tokidoki Calendar Prints

I got into wall calendars at a young age, thanks to my mom who gifted them to me every year for the holidays.  One of my favorites was “The Babysitters Club” 1990 calendar because I was fan of the covers of that book series, illustrated by Hodges Soileau.  I would tear out and keep some of my favorite pages every year, and used them in collages, mix-tape covers, and other art projects. I still do this, obviously, as I have turned several cute pages from a Tokidoki calendar into playroom art.

All you need for this is a standard size wall calendar, and a frame. The average size calendar page is 12×12 inches, so you’ll need a frame that fits that, or you can cut the page to fit whatever size frame you plan on using. Insert the page in the frame, bam- instant wall art.

2. Framed Greeting Cards

Baby Shower cards turned into framed art.

Chances are, friends and family have been bestowing upon you some pretty cute greeting cards ever since you announced your pregnancy.  You could turn some of your favorites into art pieces by simply framing them. You may need to cut them to fit the size frame you plan to use. I used 5×5 inch frames for these cards featuring 3-D art (pictured above,) which required taking out the glass in the frames.

3. Framed Vinyl Records/Album Art

hello kitty

Album art makes for excellent framing. And adding it as art to your child’s room is a fun idea, especially choosing what you’d like to hang. You could feature the album that has a song you like to sing to them.  Maybe track down one of your favorite childhood albums. Or pass down your excellent taste in music by putting up some of your favorite albums of all time!

For me, Record Store Day happened soon after I discovered I was having a girl. Released that day was a limited edition Hello Kitty printed pink vinyl for the album “Hello World.” Luckily, I snagged the only copy my local shop had in stock. So kismet.

You can purchase frames specifically sized for vinyl records at craft stores.

Baby’s first record shop visit

These are just a few ideas that are super quick to put together and get up on a wall or shelf to spruce up the space.  They don’t require anything more than maybe a few scissor cuts, and maybe some time rummaging the bins at the record store. But that’s part of the fun!

I’d love to know what albums you end up using if you go that route, so please share in the comments!


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